Sunday, February 15, 2015

reads 2015: Ordinary Lives Extraordinary Mission

Some books just inspire you so much that they are worth a detailed blog post.  This is one of those books.  I got it from Dynamic Catholic as one of those books that you only pay shipping.  If you aren't familiar with Matthew Kelly or Dynamic Catholic you should be so I highly suggest reading his book, checking out his website, going to his talk.  You will be inspired.

So Ordinary Lives Extraordinary Mission could be summed up as "just become a saint."  John Wood outlines his book reminding readers that we must know there is a war, know our enemy, free ourselves and have a shield and sword.  He says,
"As a nation and as a Church, we've forgotten our story and forgotten our mission.  Central to knowing that you are in a war is knowing what you are fighting for and what you are defending."
In his book, he inspires you to fight and imprints on your just how important it is to fight however reminding that it isn't force, but love that wins the war.
"The battle can't be won by force.  We can't win by changing people's minds; we can only win by changing hearts.  We must begin to live our beliefs.  We must offer an example of truth if we expect others to find it."

I could go on and on adding quote after quote.  Get this book.  Be re-inspired for the mission and fight the good fight of faith passionately.  


This book along with others has been added to my 2015 reads lists.  Be sure to check it out!
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