Friday, February 6, 2015

Expectations v. Reality Four Months In

So someone, and I greatly apologize for not remembering who, suggested I do a post on if my job is what I expected.  So just a refresher my job for the first three months was rotating between high risk Antepartum, Labor and Delivery (including OB OR, triage, OB ICU, and prenatal monitoring unit), and postpartum.  In the past month, I have been working in my permanent job of Labor and Delivery.

So what is my job compared to what I expected.  It is really hard to say because I don't really remember what I expected but I will give you what I've got.

I didn't expect to be so scared of "what could go wrong."  Ideally labor and delivery is an experience that is healthy for mom and baby and requires few interventions.  Unfortunately I work at a high risk hospital and this isn't always the case.  Alot of the mom's come to my hospital because of how sick they are and they require alot of interventions from Magnesium to prevent seizures and C-sections because their placenta covers their cervix.  In addition, sometimes things just go south in ways that we didn't expect which can be scary but we are used to it and can handle it. It is great when labor and birth are beautiful experiences with good outcomes all around but that isn't always the case.

I didn't expect to get along so well with my coworkers and to actually make friends with the people I work with.  A couple of the girls I actually see outside of work and many others I love being with when we are working.

I didn't expect how much we would work in a team.  Not only do I know my team leader has my back but also the other nurses on my team will help me out as much as they are able.

It is sometimes the most unexpected patients that I really hit it off with.  I will get patients that I expect to just tolerate taking care of for one first impression or another and before you know it we really hit it off.  The opposite is also true.

Some days I am over or underwhelmed of the whole labor and delivery process. There are days when I come home and I marvel at what happened during my day.  Amazed that the baby I had been monitoring all day is now opening her eyes and staring at her mamma.  Other days I forget to stop and marvel at the lives taking their first breath all around us and just stumble through the monotony that is a high volume maternity hospital.

I don't feel like this post really portrays everything I want it to say but maybe when I am a few more months in I will be able to flesh out a little bit better my expectations versus the reality of a labor and delivery nurse.  In addition I wanted to put some sort of funny meme in hear about labor and delivery but I will save you from the "v" word and other such things. Your welcome.
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