Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Quick Just Because Not So Serious Takes

Things on the blog lately have been a little serious so I wanted to slap up here a few lighter things jumping around in this brain of mine.

1. I know you have all been on the edge of your seat wondering but I have picked up some running again now that the temps aren't frigid and the risk of slipping has subsided.  I am doing couch to 5k again but this time to get quicker.  So rather than just running during the intervals I run fast during the intervals. Before you know it I will be winning marathons I am sure.  Hardy har.

B.  Because 2 would be too serious.  Sunshine is the name and tanning is the game.  Ahh somehow every article of clothing looks a little bit better with a glow of the skin.  Remind me of this when I get skin cancer in 30 years.

C.   So I have one of those longer in the front and shorter in the back hair cuts right now with the back hitting just about at the bottom of my neck and the front 3-4 fingerbreaths below my shoulders.  My bangs have grown out to this stragely stage and I just can't decide what I want to do about any of it.  Most indecisive person am I.

4.  In less than a month I begin the first of six weddings this year.  'Tis the young and Catholic season of life.

E.  Coffee.  Because every post needs a coffee shout out.  Why is it so good?  Honestly that first sip in the morning is probably my favorite part of the day.  Shallow, maybe.  Honest, yes.

6.  We have lived in this house for almost two months and I am going to pretend like I am completely unpacked because pretending is better than reality.

G. Ok I had to throw one serious one in there.  Are you ever terrified that you are not actually doing the Lord's will no matter how hard you are trying.  Obviously I need some prayers.

VIII.  Don't you love when you return more than you buy?!  Returned two of the dresses I bought to try on for the weddings and only picked up a handful of things like socks, drying mats, and capris.

9.  Who wants to see another essential oil post?  With the pollen a swirling I am relying on my trusty lavender and cedarwood to help my throat not hurt the whole day long.

10.  Who knew how enjoyable gardening is?  Not I.  However I broke down and bought mulch because I am already sick of wedding it is not even June yet.  Now to buy a watering can...

Join along and add your quick just because not so serious takes so that we can read them.  There are no rules to this link up except to add thy link below.


  1. G. <--- Three words for you sister: temptations from devil!! You are doing God's will! He is guiding you, leading you, in so many ways you don't even see. You are faithful and love Him and desire to do His will. Be at peace. The devil is trying to tempt you to discouragement since he can't get you any other way.

    Hugs!! <3

  2. Always love your updates, Natalie! And does anyone ever really legit "know" when they're doing God's will? I mean, sometimes it's obvious in retrospect. But in the moment? That would be amazing! I am constantly telling myself this and that probably aren't the best things for me to do, but when God's will isn't smack in front of our faces, we just have to do our best to be the saints God created us to be!

    And coffee. Oh my gosh. College has taught me to love that first sip just like you said :-) Enjoying the sunshine over here too!

  3. I wake up craving my morning coffee too! Best way to start the day for sure. Also, I've learned that buying a cute watering can makes gardening extra fun. :)