Saturday, March 22, 2014

Confessions of a Crunchy Hippy

This is something that has never really come up here on this here bloggity but I confess.....I have crunchy hippy tendencies.  I don't dress like a hippy at all but I do have a really strong desire to get dreads.  I try to accept that my hair isn't the kind of hair that dreads well but I still wish and hope that one day I will have beautiful dreads.

I grew up in a house that recycles.  Each week on garbage day we only have one small trash bag because we recycle paper, plastic, plastic bags, and soda cans and we compost everything from vegetable peelings to coffee grounds. I can't imagine not always being like this.

I use cloth ziplock bags for most snacks, sandwiches and stuff.  You can buy them all over etsy.  They are simply cloth sacks with PUL on the inside and a zipper closer.  They don't keep snacks from getting stale so you can't pack them very far in advance. And when they get dirty or every few uses just throw them in the wash, hang them to dry and they are as good as new. Bonus you can pick so many cute prints!  My favorites are my squirrels running up a tree sandwich bag and chevron snack bag. I love the ones from this etsy shop.

Cloth napkins.  Awesome.  Obviously living in the dorms with coin laundry and eating in the caf for most of my meals I don't use them yet.  However, I have already been collecting cloth napkins from thrift stores for when I am living on my own.  I like cloth napkins because I am a messy eater who likes to keep my fingers and face clean but also because I just like the reusable aspect of them.  And with that also kitchen towels.  I had a roommate who flew through paper towels and it drove me nuts.

I could go on and on about the things I do.  Some are obvious like water bottles rather than plastic, travel coffee mugs.  One thing I don't do is reusable K-cups for my Keruig coffee maker.  I know, I know it wastes so much but I am also a huge coffee snob.  You see the K-cups you buy are so good because they are vacuumed sealed, sealing in yummy flavor and thus produce a better cup of coffee. So sorry earth but I like my coffee.

And then there is essential oils which is an entire post of its own.  Thieves on my feet, peppermint for indigestion and nausea, lavender to help me take my pre night turn naps and for inflammation, stress relief for tension headaches, and breathe easy for a cold.  Whenever I use them and walk around wing one of my household sisters always comments, "You smell like a hippy." The oils are awesome and you have to hold me to an entire post about them.  Anyone else using them?


  1. I want dreads SO BAD. And I love the oils and would use Emmas, but I don't have my own. I was originally opposed to them because I didn't want to jump on the band wagon (I know, I am ridiculous) but they've warmed up to me ;) I guess I just don't understand how to use them effectively! So please post about them!

  2. I second the request for an oils post! Please divulge all, you hippie you! :)

  3. YES! I have somewhat of a hippie heart too (minus the desire for dreads, haha) and have been experimenting with homemade products. Essential oils are all over hippie websites, and I would love to hear more about them and how to use them. Also, are they expensive? Would love to hear your experience!

  4. I just started using EO (Young Living brand) and I'm a full-fledged convert. I started using them because up until last night (seriously) my daughter has never slept through the night. And she will be 1 on April 6. I was at my wits end, and a friend recommended EO to me. I put the diffuser in her room, and mixed a few drops of lavender oil with sweet almond oil, and rubbed them on her feet before bed last night. 7pm-6am. I am almost delirious with joy and shock!! :) So I will now be using my EO for a slew of other things. If for absolutely no other reason, they make my home smell fabulous.

    Oh, and I had my daughter in a birthing tub at a freestanding birth center with midwives, I exclusively breastfeed, baby wear, cloth diaper, all that good stuff. :) Crunchy mamas for the win!