Thursday, July 30, 2015

Blogging for Books Review: Five Years in Heaven

Oh you haven't heard about Blogging for Books yet? Well you are hearing about it now.  If you have a blog you can read and review books you actually want to read for free!  Sign me up and that I did.

The first book I have reviewed is Five Years in Heaven by John Schlimn.  I was intrigued with its quick tag line "What is heaven on earth? The answer lies in this true story of one young man's journey to find hope and purpose with the help of an unlikely teacher--a compassionate and wise old nun, whom the world had long-forgotten."  Spiritual memoirs you get me every time.   There is just something great about a story that reads like fiction but has faith weaved through it.

The stories of John visiting the pottery shop, chatting with Sister Augustine about life and faith, promoting her work and admiring her pottery kept me reading the book.  Was it the best book I have ever read, no. Is it worth a read, yes. Although sometimes the writing can get long and drawn out it doesn't take away from the story but fluffs it up.  And I have to say, I want a Gussie's Special for myself.  With these summer days long and hot this book is a great book to enjoy while relaxing the days away.

*I received this book for free from blogging for books in order to review.  
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