Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Getting back into it.

So I had a sort of epiphany today.

I am defiantly I blog reader. For some reason I love reading about the lives of people even though I don't know them. Although I love this, it is really hard to find blogs about young, single, passionately Catholic people. So then I thought "well I fit into that category, I should start blogging again" (by again I mean really start because two posts don't really constitute as a blogger). Well then of course I wondered what the heck would I write about. Again another idea "I love reading about people's everyday normal lives not always about their out of ordinary stuff" And thus it came full circle. I plan on writing blogs hopefully with lots of pictures of just the ordinary stuff I do each day. Things about my life as nursing student, as a student at Franciscan University of Steuvenville, as a young lady striving to follow Christ in full abandonment, a Catholic, a daughter, an amateur crafter, and a half way decent cook. So here I start this journey, hopefully it will grow into something beautiful. Please comment and let me know who you are, how you stumbled upon my blog, what you want to hear about, really anything.

So what have I been up to so far today...

Well we had to do some shopping for an upcoming Girl's Night In/Retreat for St. Mary's Chardon. So it was decided that we would begin after 7:30 Mass. Now mind you I normally go to 8am Mass at St. Helen's but for some reason that half hour makes a huge difference.

So my alarm starting going off entirely too early and apparently I also need to tidy up my end table.

While at JoAnns I took a lookie at the remnants and found a few that I really like in order to give a try at making some burp cloths. I figure I am starting that season of life when everyone is marrying and the natural result of that is babies. By making my own burp cloths I could have a great go to baby gift for all those babies. And besides all that fabric was $2 and some change!

List making. I have begun to make lists for the things that I must or want to do before I head back down to school. This list also includes "consumables" (i.e. shampoo, lotion, etc) that I want to buy before heading back down to the good 'ole ville.

My current view. Basically what my dogs do all day everyday.

Hope you have a blessed day and check back for more posts about everyday life!


  1. hi natalie i like your blog. can i be in it?
    your best friend mary

    1. Yes I will make sure you make your way into my blog at some point.